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Automobile interior coating
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Automobile lamp coating
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Paint for automobile exterior parts
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Automobile body coating
With the development of domestic automobile production towards the direction of large-scale, high quality and low cost, the traditional manual spraying has long been unable to meet the requirements of the body painting of most automobile factories, so the application of spraying robot technology in the field of automobile painting is more and more extensive.  In the international automobile industry, electrostatic spraying has been used as a standard coating process. At present, electrostatic spraying is commonly used in domestic coating line, and its spray cup is high-speed electrostatic spray cup.  Under this background, Dijing company has developed high-temperature coating suitable for electrostatic production lines at home and abroad, and actively cooperates with customers to continuously improve product quality, so as to explore the research and development technology in high-temperature body coating.  
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
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