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The way of charity and public welfare activities is changing into the action of coating enterprises

2014-07-10 01:09
China paint network news: in the public's impression, Chinese enterprises became more and more interested in charity after the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008. The most popular one is Wang Laoji's single highest donation of 100 million yuan at the CCTV disaster relief party after the earthquake. In the following years, although he fell into some objections, Wang Laoji continued to give charity in the way of donation funds Behavior, the result is what you see now, from the corner of the herbal tea brand to the leader of the Chinese beverage market, many enterprises envy.
Charities and public welfare activities transformed into coatings enterprises in action
Some people call 2008 the first year of China's public welfare and charity, because Chinese enterprises in this year have received both attention and respect in the field of charity and public welfare, and are also controversial. Especially in the subsequent media disclosure of many "fraudulent donation doors", on the contrary, the reputation of enterprises has been double damaged, and Chinese enterprises reflect on how to better feed back to society.
In recent years, the charity projects of Chinese enterprises have been questioned by the public because of the continuous exposure of the black curtain of charity. Most people think that the motivation of enterprises to do good is not simple. The big investment is the foreshadowing of "self hype". The so-called "doing good to make money" is considered to make more money.
After several years of development, China's public charity environment is still harsh, but the way of enterprises to do public charity has changed a lot. In the paint industry, many paint enterprises have not established the awareness of Corporate Charity before, let alone combined with the company's development to develop public welfare plans and determine public welfare goals. Many paint enterprises are just following the trend For cultural construction, we should shout slogans in the area of corporate responsibility, donate money in the event of disaster, show our kindness at the party, and strive for the brand name on the charity list as a gimmick for publicity and promotion. This kind of donation method shows the characteristics of sudden and short-term. Because the enterprise does not provide the sustained public welfare activities in the later period, it is easy to cause the donor to fall into the desperate situation of being unable to save himself quickly, and charity will lose its significance. However, this one or two times of charity behavior is more difficult for the enterprise to have a great impact on the society. For example, Wang Laoji's amazing performance after the Wenchuan earthquake is difficult To reproduce. In addition, this kind of short-term charity behavior of enterprises, on the surface, has no impact on the charity and public welfare environment in China, but the casual atmosphere formed is exactly the most harmful. No wonder the public will question the public welfare behavior of enterprises, because it is difficult for an enterprise to prove that its charity and public welfare projects are not hype, but to help the society reduce the burden.    
However, it is gratifying that many coating enterprises in China have realized the harm of intermittent and scattered short-term charity activities. They have started to combine the main business of the enterprise consciously and launch charity activities with definite theme and long-term time. This kind of small flow and long-term way is difficult to have a positive impact in the short term, but it has a great impact on the brand influence and talents of coating enterprises Training and so on, the more we stick to the latter, the more prominent its superiority, can truly achieve "making money and doing good". Behind the gorgeous turn of this charity activity is the efforts made by coating enterprises to improve the charity environment in China.   
During the "one egg rampage" activity in 2013, Nippon China set up five "rampage for love" teams, involving more than 30 staff members and family volunteers, raising 150000 yuan. In 2014, Nippon China officially became the official sponsor partner of "one egg's rampage" public welfare activities. In addition to the support of rampage action, it also added more colorful colors to the 50 kilometer hike along the way. 50% of all donations received will be used in the non-governmental public welfare institutions supported by "one egg's rampage", and the other 50% will be used in the Nippon's "color for love" project. "Color for love" is a corporate public welfare project of Nippon which has lasted for several years. It shows the style of Nippon as an international paint giant and helps more children have a brilliant future. It can be predicted that in the future, Nippon may sponsor more public welfare activities related to coating business, and turn them into long-term behaviors, which is a matter of killing two birds with one stone to further pool Nippon's brand influence, improve market share and consumers' trust.
In general impression, foreign-funded enterprises are more keen on public welfare projects. Indeed, in the paint industry, there are duluxi's "paint color China" projects dedicated to urban painting, and ye's "ten year donation plan for mobile ophthalmic surgical vehicle" social large-scale public welfare projects, all of which adhere to the same project for several years in a row, gradually deepening people's impression and deepening the brand Heart.      
Of course, national coatings enterprises also have public welfare projects that make people proud. Recently, Carpoly started to recruit student volunteers in Colleges and universities. It is reported that Carpoly started the activity of student volunteers as early as 2006 and has been doing it continuously. In 2010, due to the preparation and launch of the foundation, the volunteer activity was not carried out. In 2011, the Campbell volunteer program was renamed "walking bar micro love" to continue to play a role in the field of education and help students continue to realize their dreams in the classroom.      
There are some long-term and lasting public welfare projects in the coating enterprises, which make people feel that the charity enterprises are gradually breaking away from the "three minute heat" thinking, and they are committed to helping specific groups as far as they can in the long-term time and space dimensions, undertaking the social responsibility of the enterprises and reducing the social burden. Of course, we should look forward to the national coating enterprises. After all, this good phenomenon is just in the bud. In the future, more and more national coating enterprises will invest in it, which will make the mode of charitable activities of enterprises turn around.    
In fact, well done public welfare projects can benefit many parties. At this time, the motivation of enterprises to do good is not so important. Foreign enterprises have a mature concept of "corporate citizenship". When they carry out charity activities, they will closely link corporate donations with the development strategy and business interests of enterprises. Although they were criticized in the early stage, they later proved that this has a positive impact on the recipients and business interests Corporate brand has a positive impact on society. China's national paint brand, we must first see the positive role of continuous public welfare projects, in order to break the fear of the mentality, with a steady stream of power to support the operation and development of public welfare projects.       
As mentioned above, the continuous philanthropic behavior of enterprises may have a positive impact on three aspects:
1. The donated people and regions can get material support and absorb positive energy in spirit. For competent coating enterprises, a public welfare project will not break the capital chain, but for those who are supported, whether in school or in career, it is possible to change their life path, improve their living environment and improve their living conditions. In spirit, they can feel the positive energy of the society, and they can face difficulties and give back to the society with gratitude.       
2. The enterprise can improve the brand awareness and agglomerate the corporate culture. If we do a good public welfare project in good faith, the good image of the coating enterprise will be easily passed on from mouth to mouth. What's more, the enterprise that has been persisting in the same public welfare project for a long time! Of course, through charitable public welfare activities, not only to improve the popularity of its own coating brand, but also the social responsibility that the enterprise must bear, which will also win the trust and favor of consumers, Let enterprises reap unexpected results. As a part of corporate culture construction, charitable projects also contribute to the formation of centripetal force for the company's employees, making corporate culture more cohesive. Nippon let employees participate in the "one egg rampage" activity sponsored by the company, which is to let employees feel the influence of corporate philanthropic culture and spread this kind of friendship to their daily life.    
3. The long-term charity projects of the enterprise will help to improve the charity environment in China. The long-term adherence to the public welfare projects can basically eliminate the possibility of speculation. It is precisely because of the emergence of such a group of persistent enterprises that the charity and public welfare behavior of Chinese enterprises will not be completely despairing, and the paint enterprises play a part in this, which is the pride of all paint people, which is conducive to the formation of a society that is good for others and happy for others The atmosphere makes China better.
However, although the situation of charity and public welfare is developing in a good direction, China's paint enterprises can still get inspiration from some mature foreign corporate charity models, so as to maximize the effect of charity and bring higher recognition and better image for the company.
First of all, enterprises should formulate a unified theme for charity activities, which is best related to the main business of the company. The project of "color for love" of Nippon and "paint China" of Dulux well reflect this; In addition, a systematic and targeted public relations department should be organized to publicize the charity and public welfare projects of the company. This is not only to establish a positive image of the company, but also to spread positive energy and let more people participate in the public welfare. Foreign coating enterprises have taken the charity culture as a part of the corporate culture and formed a set of standardized and institutionalized operation mechanism The system has formed a unique corporate charity culture, with a special person in charge of charity activities and publicity. The concept of "corporate citizen" has been mature and applied, which is also worth learning from our national paint enterprises, because our national paint enterprises are doing charity with the attitude of gratitude society, which makes it difficult to absorb more resources.  
Secondly, "three minutes of enthusiasm" may be able to do a good job in charity, but it has little impact on individuals, enterprises and society. After the spontaneous enthusiasm, Chinese paint enterprises need long-term fai th and perseverance to carry out a public welfare project. Maybe only in this way can China's philanthropy get rid of the form of "government led", not only do charity for donation, but also devote to spread the concept of charity to every public's heart.  
Third, the way of doing charity and public welfare for coating enterprises can be diversified. Many fields funded by Chinese and foreign enterprises are focused on disaster relief, poverty alleviation, education, environmental protection and so on. However, in terms of funding methods, Chinese coating enterprises tend to donate funds, because they can avoid troubles and have no worries about "after-sales service". On the contrary, foreign enterprises, technology, equipment Products and funds can be used as financing methods, or even several kinds of parallel ways, to really achieve charity as much as possible. In fact, for Chinese enterprises, it's a good way to get rid of the doubt of making a show. It's better than direct donation to let people guess that the motivation is impure.      
In addition, it is also a good way to make charity more diversified by conducting charity activities on the Internet platform, which is worth a try.     
Fourth, the public welfare projects of coating enterprises should have their own and external double supervision. The reason why many enterprises are questioned in charity is that their funds and operation process are not transparent, which makes people suspect that the staff are full of private wealth. Therefore, supervision should start from its own, and establish a supervision system for public welfare projects within the enterprise, so that people can more safely invest in public welfare activities. And the supervision from the outside world can understand the shortcomings that the enterprise itself can't see. It is also for the purpose of making public welfare projects more widely spread and attracting more people to participate. Carpoly's "let's go micro love" public welfare activity and the South Weekend joint, not only ensure the quality and behavior of the activity, but also rapidly improve the visibility of the activity.
In terms of changing the way of charity and public welfare activities, coating companies have been taking action to find different ways to expand the charity effect. One way is to turn the public welfare projects with accurate positioning and correct goals into long-term activities, which has achieved certain results. I hope that more coating companies will have more attempts in doing public welfare projects, and make the charity and public welfare project model gorgeous At the same time, it will make a small contribution to gradually improve the charitable environment in China.

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