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Leadership concern

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  • Time of issue:2020-02-11 00:00:00
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General manager Message:
Time flies, fleeting. Teikyo company from August 2004 set up from today, has gone through 10 years. Teikyo people after 10 years of hard work, thanks to the care and support of the community, now has grown to well-known brands of high-end paint industry, its products directly with international standards, the technical indicators is the leading domestic level, has achieved an industry first, international leader
Currently, the development of UV-curable coatings are also facing a great opportunity, with the implementation of the strategy of sustainable development, our country has developed environmental policies, and increased law enforcement, increasing environmental awareness, more and more people choose environmentally friendly products, UV-curable coatings & mdash; & mdash; that green products will have greater development。
Future, new materials, environmental protection Teikyo will continue to meet the needs of corporate and individual users for the direction, relying on advanced technology, rich product, proven solutions, comprehensive services, happily embrace the trend of high-tech industries, to meet the various industry-specific needs. We believe in love and the friends of the strong support of leaders at all levels, must be able to seize opportunities, self-improvement, more than struggle, down to earth company develop a stronger more!

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