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Corporate culture

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Mission of the company: carry forward the national coating culture, lead the global coating market, and become a world famous brand.
Corporate vision: to become a global leader in environmental protection coatings.
Enterprise spirit: loyal and trustworthy, innovative implementation, pursuit of excellence, gratitude and feedback.
Enterprise style: positive thinking, initiative, quick response and immediate action.
Leadership: to win in execution, to win in sense of responsibility, to lead a horse, to build a man.
Talent concept: appoint people on merit and build a community of common destiny between employees and enterprises.
Business philosophy: think of the source of drinking water, sustainable development, rational competition, the pursuit of win-win.
Quality concept: achieve customers with high standard, high performance and zero defect products.
Service concept: 24-hour business service.
Core competitiveness: famous brand, environmental quality, innovative technology.
Core values: people-oriented, integrate resources, create value and share results.

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