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Quality Management System

A Brief Introduction of Quality Department
In order to comply with the demand of the company’s development, to guarantee the “high quality and unceasing improvement” of the product, Quality Department is equipped with multiple advanced testing instruments, guaranteeing complete testing equipment and testing instruments for each step including the reliability test of the products, from incoming quality inspection for raw materials to the outgoing quality inspection of finished products. The main testing instruments for raw materials are: Shanghai Tianpu gas chromatographic instrument, Jiangsu Tianrui EDX Energy dispersive spectrometer, Shanghai Anting automatic moisture titrator, Fuzhou Huazhi high precision electronic balance, Changji rotational viscometer, Tianjin Yonglida ISO1524 fineness gauge for scraper blade, etc. The main instruments for finished products inspection and reliability testing are : Zhenhua GX- ⊙600 vertical coating machine, Bainian Ceshi weather-proof ultraviolent test chamber, cold and heat impact testing machine, constant temperature and humidity machine, salt spray testing chamber, alcohol and rubber abrasion tester, Hualong HHF6 digital thermostatic water bath, standard light box, QuaNix coating thickness gauge, Ridao PHS-3C precise PH meter, RCA wear resistance testing machine, Xiangmin QCJ film impact tester, Xinhensen dip tester, vibration wear resistance tester imported from Germany, etc.   
Testing of Raw and Auxiliary Materials 
In control of the quality of the incoming materials, we have introduced or referred to inspection standard consistent with the international standard and adopted right inspecting method and instruments. We lead in new materials and new suppliers rigorously following the process, avoiding quality risks of the materials and the risk of environmental-hazardous substance. We have established full-time SQE, with whom we collaborate in R&D, sourcing development and management of suppliers, conduct routine audit and tutoring on suppliers to enhance the quality management ability of suppliers.